Ninja Manriki Gusai Chain

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Manriki can be a traditional Japanese throwing chain, and is 37 inches long with weights for the end. It belongs to the actual broad class of chain guns. When used with a whipping motion on the wrist, it can injure or knock out opponents for a considerable distance. They are common for the ninjutsu style. They are quite versatile weapons which are viable non-projectile weapons along with projectile weapons. They are quite just like kobudo Surujin.

The chain is normally held concealed in the hand prior to the attacker approaches within distance. One of many weighted ends can then be launched in the opponent, or the defender might get in closer and use the actual weights at close range in order to punch and entangle the attacker from the chain.

The Manriki was very beneficial in direct combat against swords. It was strong enough to stop a slash at a sword blade when the ends were held in each hand after which it tangle the arms and/or neck on the swordsman.

Its ability to be easily concealed from the hand or on the person managed to get a very popular weapon where a more obvious weapon may become forbidden. It was sometimes used by guards when they had to defend an area where the spilling of blood was forbidden.