Herbal Protec-X Insect Repellent Spray - 2 Ounces

$ 14.79

Herbal Protec-X 2 Ounce Spray is the major protection you need from crawling insects and much more through the powers of wild spice and medicinal flower oils. It has been fully established that spice oils have potent capacities as bug repellents. Among the most potent are oils of wild bay leaf and juniper, along with wild oregano and clove oil. African geranium oil is a powerful agent and offers a wonderful scent. Research demonstrates that these oils act like a blockadeas powerful repellentsand thats what you need to safely be outdoors. Herbal PROTEC-X is unique, since it is completely nontoxic. Its safe for application on pets and children, even on babies, as well as pregnant women. Unlike chemical-containing sprays, it is so safe that it can be applied repeatedly without concern.Completely nontoxic, 100 percent DEET and Chemical Free