FireDisc Deep Cooker 24 Inch - Red

$ 379.99

The 24 Deep Fireman Red FireDisc Cooker is just 24 inches high with the built in Heat Ring and powder coated at over 450 degrees. It has a 22 concaved cooking surface and is completely collapsible. Completely portable and built to last with no assembly required. You can boil, fry, sear or simmer. Love the design of the FireDisc 36-inch Deep but dont have room to store it? Make way for the FireDisc 24-inch Deep. It has all the great features of the FireDisc 36-inch Deep, but is only 24-inch tall. The cooking surface offers the same seasoned-effect as its older brother, providing you with restaurant quality food each time you cook. Hand inspected and is made from the highest quality carbon steel available in production today. Mechanically designed for ease of use, portability, and is set to the highest standards achievable in BBQ products on the market. The FireDisc 24-inch Deep comes with a 5-year warranty and is designed to last a lifetime. Put the FireDisc to the test and youll quickly find it to be the most durable, best designed, highest quality, portable cooker you can buy. Get yours today and become a part of the family of satisfied FireDisc Mini owners. Buy the name brand, buy quality, and buy the Deep FireDisc 24-inch Deep.