Sheffield Trapper II 3.15 in Blade Faux Stag Handle

$ 21.18

Some knives are merely knives, while others are like an extension of who you are. In any situation indoors or outdoors, you want a knife you can count on -- one you can put to the test through the years and be proud to hand down to the next generation. The Sheffield Stag Series 12204 Trapper II 3.15 Folding Knife is that knife. Its not merely a knife, its YOUR knife. Part of the Stag Series, the Sheffield Trapper II is designed to perform under pressure and in the harsh conditions of any outdoor or indoor adventure. While each Stag Series knife is inspired by the classic hunting knives of yesteryear, the Trapper II features an antler-inspired handle, constructed using a special synthetic injection process that maintains the integrity of true bone handles while providing the durability expected from modern handle designs. Featuring versatile clip and spay point blades, the Sheffield Trapper II is indeed YOUR go-to folder for any situation. Sheffield knives are backed by our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.