Custom Damascus Knife Folder Black Bone

$ 75.00

This custom knife is handmade and comes in around 8.5 inches long opened and blade length 4 inches and handle 4.5 inches.  There is some nice file work on the handle.  The blade is not a lock blade but is good and stiff in the opened position.  The knife blade is about 3/4 inch wide at the widest and the blade feels fairly substantial.  There is a spring mechanism that keeps the blade out, and you manually open and close the blade.  There is no spring assist.  The knife comes with a beautiful leather sheath with belt loop. The knife handle material is black bone.


Blade:- The knife is forged of damascus steel from 1075/15N20, which is welded and folded many times to get required layers as pattern.  After forging all blades are normalized, profiled, annealed, surface ground, bevel ground, polished, buffed, etched, final buffed, sharpened, cleaned, oiled, and inspected at least 2 times along the way before being shipped.  Heat treating system for 30% greater toughness and superior edge holding. Heat treated to an HRC 55-60.