Cutting Edge Stunbrella 32 Mil Stun Flashlight Black-Navy

$ 39.95

TheStunbrellaFlashlight Stun Gun designed by Streetwise Security Products is the most innovative concealed stun gun to come on the market in several years. This umbrella will not protect you from the rain but it will protect you from an attacker by raining down a powerful charge on any bad guy that gets too close! This patent-pending 10-inch stun gun looks like an ordinary folded umbrella. Nowadays umbrellas are used both to protect people from the rain and the suns harmful UV rays so it is commonplace to see people carrying them in all kinds of weather. TheStunbrellacan be carried discretely in your hand, a purse or backpack, or stored in the car so it will always be within arms reach and easily accessible at the first sign of trouble. Concealed stun guns give you the element of surprise that is often needed to gain an advantage over your attacker. By the time they realize you are armed with a powerful stun gun they will be on the ground wondering what happened! Additionally, the 10-inch longStunbrellagives you an extended reach that keeps distance between you and your attacker.