Training Practice Butterfly Knife Blunt Blade Balisong Bottle Opener Legal

$ 6.99

Robust Stainless Steel Balisong Butterfly Unsharpened Trainer

Innocuous Practice for Carpal Tunnel & Hand Dexterity

A Great learning instrument so you can figure out how to flip a butterfly knife without harming yourself.

Totally Legal to Own and Carry.

Robust Stainless Steel Handles That Feature a Skeletonized Design to Reduce Weight.

Robust Stainless Steel Trainer Blade with a Brushed Finished Harmless Edge That is Not Sharpened With Double Tang Pins and Skeletonized Design to Reduce Weight.

Edge is 1/8 inch thick steel, so it is exceptionally sturdy.

The obtuse edge makes it useful for honing those insane flipps and since it has no sharp edges you won't cut yourself so you can hone aerials and insane tricks.

No cutting your hands when flipping.


General Length: 8.75 Inches

Rehearse Trainer Blade Length: 3/4 Inches

Handle: 1/8 Inch Thick Stainless Steel