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New Local Retail Knife Outlet Niles, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana Posted on 4 Feb 18:34 , 0 comments

We have our Knives available at our new knife location in Niles, Michigan at The Market Place Flea Market on 2428 S 11th St, close to South Bend, Notre Dame University,  Indiana and also close to Berrien Springs, Andrews University and St  Joseph Michigan.  We are carrying some cool Japanese style Swords and Katanas, Blowguns, Pistol Crossbows, Butterfly Knives, and other cool weapons.

Knife Defense Course Posted on 16 Jan 14:31 , 0 comments

I just recently attended a knife defense course and had a blast.  The class was located in South Bend Indiana and the teacher was a former Marine from Spartan Dynamics.  It started out with general deadly force issues and then became more interesting with the actual knife practice.  We concentrated on protecting yourself from a stab and it was a lot of fun.  My wife is now getting upset because I like to practice the techniques on her, so I might have to go back for another class so she doesn't feel like a guinea pig in my training.  I have also looked at some Krav Maga but I really felt that the training I received from Spartan Dynamics was real world stuff that would work. Ourah!